Waleed Faux Wolf Fur Throom

  • Ce lancer de fourrure en faux loup de luxe comprend un design réversible qui offre le style et le confort ultimes. Que vous souhaitiez adoucir votre maison avec un jet de peluche et élégant ou que vous vouliez une couverture confortable pour se blottir lors de ces jours et nuits froids, c'est le lancer dont vous avez besoin. Ajoutez une texture supplémentaire à votre décor et transformez votre pièce en un espace accueillant avec ce design élégant simple mais chic. Drapez-le sur une chaise, un canapé ou un lit pour ajouter une touche élégante exotique à votre salon ou chambre. Nos couleurs disponibles permettent un mélange facile et assorti avec votre décor ou d'autres pièces d'accent.
    1. Super doux et confortable: le visage de la couverture présente notre fourrure de loup fausse haut de gamme en acrylique et en polyester inversant à notre Minky super doux. La chaleur et la douceur d'une couverture de fourrure peuvent vous aider à dormir plus confortablement tout au long d'une nuit
    2. Couverture réversible: Notre lancer est fait pour être réversible en fonction de votre style personnel. Il combine 750 GSM Faux Wolf Fur inversant à 180 GSM Minky pour offrir une douceur inégalée de chaque côté tout en s'assurant qu'elle est résistante et anti-ride
    3. Utilisation polyvalente: la couverture est parfaite à utiliser dans la maison, en profitant de votre activité préférée. Cela peut être une couche supplémentaire sur votre lit pour vous garder au chaud et confortable. Il apporte également une touche chic de charme de vacances à un fauteuil, un canapé ou une chambre.
    4. Plusieurs couleurs disponibles: il est disponible en 2 couleurs différentes (gris foncé et marron) de 50 ”x 60”
    5. Facile à se soucier: lavable à la machine dans l'eau froide uniquement sur cycle doux ou délicat. Séchurez-vous à feu doux ou sur un réglage à l'air et retirer rapidement une fois le cycle de séchage
    1. Taille: 50 "x60"
    2. Poids: 4 lbs
    3. Matériel: Front: 80% acrylique 20% polyester, arrière: 100% polyester
    4. Taille du lit: lancer
  • Les images numériques que nous affichons ont la couleur la plus précise possible. Cependant, en raison des différences de moniteurs informatiques, nous ne pouvons pas être responsables des variations de couleur entre le produit réel et votre écran.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

fantastic to look at and wonderful to sleep under


So soft and fab


This is a luxurious faux fur throw, with a realistic soft white / black accented coloring reminiscent of a wolf's fur. The throw is heavier in weight than expected, and seems to be substantially made. The inner lining has a soft suede-like feel while the fur itself is quite long (see my included pictures). The attention to detail built into this throw result in a classy, upscale look and feel.


Nice, comfortable, little furry throw for the sofa. We needed a new throw for the sofa to sit on and protect the sofa during warm weather, yet one we could use to throw over our legs for the cooler seasons. This has good weight and loft to it and is very comfortable. One side has the wolf fur, which is long and warm, while the other side has the micro mink, which is shorter and very soft. Working out well, and its big enough for the area where we sit, though not big enough for the whole sofa. No problem. The 80% acrylic and 20% polyester will be easy to keep clean, too. Directions state machine wash warm and tumble dry. Should last for many years.


Beautiful! Soft and bigger than I thought it would be. Really enjoy it. Delivery was on time. Will probably get another one. Highly recommend. Only thing is it shedding some but think thats normal. Has weight to it


This fur throw is very pretty and nice as it looks expensive too. It's a heavier weight throw so I can see it keep anyone warm. There was some lose fur coming from it but I put it in my dryer for a short time on no heat and that helped.


This blanket turned out to be way nicer than expected! The fur is thick and fluffy and it has a nice weight to it. The back is very soft and has a high end feel to it. It's also quite large for a throw blanket. The product shots are accurate in terms of color and texture, and I love that no matter how you lay it on your couch it looks fluffy and nice. The only problem I'm having right now is that theres a small amount of shedding, but I think thats just because it's new. I also think that this isn't material you can just throw in the washer if it gets dirty and expect it to look as nice ever again- so keep that in mind when thinking of how you will use this throw. That being said- I think its a great throw and its exactly what I was looking for. It will get a lot of use in my house!


This blanket is well made, not as soft as I had hoped. Feels synthetic. Overall I think the quality is good but was expecting a nicer feel for the price. The color is more white than an ivory with brown tips. Its a good size for throwing on the couch or at the end of a bed.


I was really excited for this because Im a fuzzy blanket junkie. I have one for every place I will be sitting at and I like to be cozy! This came in and it was super pretty, but I felt it and I was like ... It feels like the dog. Its pretty warm though and it looks way cool, the material needs to be broken in though, the underside is a bit crunchy feeling. Its elegant looking on a bed though, instagrammable.