Juego de tocador de esquina con espejo Amaris

  • Nuestro elegante escritorio / juego de tocador con espejos aporta glamour clásico a su habitación. Este elegante juego de muebles es ideal para guardar joyas, cosméticos y pinceles de maquillaje. El diseño elegante y contemporáneo cuenta con dos cajones de almacenamiento con perillas de cristal y una mesa de espejo suave. ¡La silla a juego lo convierte en un juego completo!
    1. DISEÑO ELEGANTE - Nuestro moderno juego de tocador de esquina agrega un brillo glamoroso de Hollywood a cualquier habitación. El acabado reflejado captará la luz maravillosamente y creará una apariencia brillante en su dormitorio, sala de estar y sala de maquillaje.
    2. AHORRO DE ESPACIO - Nuestro nuevo tocador / escritorio de esquina es un artículo compacto y funcional. Su diseño de esquina maximiza el espacio y cumple una variedad de funciones.
    3. MULTIFUNCIONAL - El juego de tocador no solo lo ayuda a organizar sus cosméticos, proporciona un lugar cómodo para peinarse y maquillarse, sino que también se puede usar como una mesa de estudio o de oficina que tiene suficiente espacio para una pantalla de escritorio o una computadora portátil.
    4. ESTILO - Esta pieza fabulosa, elegante y moderna se puede mezclar y combinar con varios estilos: moderno, contemporáneo, de transición e incluso tradicional.
    5. DIMENSIONES - Tocador: 28 "de largo x 28" de ancho x 30,7 "de alto; Taburete: 44,5 cm de largo x 35,5 cm de ancho x 40,5 cm de alto; Interior de los cajones: 25,5 cm de ancho x 21,5 cm de profundidad x 3,3" de alto.
    6. ALMACENAMIENTO - La función de 2 cajones le brinda espacio de almacenamiento para organizar sus joyas, accesorios para el cabello, esmalte de uñas, productos para el cuidado del cabello y cosméticos.
    7. PIEZA DE DECLARACIÓN - Esta maravillosa pieza única definitivamente hará una declaración en cualquier habitación.
    1. DIMENSIONES : 28 de largo x 28 de ancho x 30,7 de alto
    2. TELAS Y MATERIALES : MDF, espejo, pino, terciopelo
    3. ATRIBUTOS : Espejo, 2 cajones
    4. HABITACIONES DESTINADAS : Dormitorio, baño, sala de maquillaje
    5. ESTILO : Glam, moderno, elegante, contemporáneo, elegante
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Customer Reviews

Based on 302 reviews
Maria D.

Really nice ...especially when it was in sale


Perfect mirror for vanity use, which was what i was looking for. Great quality for price

Monica K.

Got this to match the mirrored vanity I purchased and am so in love!!! They go perfectly together and look so elegant in my glam room

April J.

Beautiful and nostalgic piece! It has such a classic vibe and adds femininity to my guest room. Great mirror for makeup use and compliments the dresser (i also purchased from ) perfectly!

Melissa H.

Looks just like picture. Actually feels larger then what I thought it would be. Its a good makeup mirror for what I needed. Nice quality glass

Keith N.
Nice product

Good quality looks great in room. Strong stand

Twila H.

Beautiful mirror. I decided to go with some else as this did not arrive within the timeframe required.But still a gorgeous piece. And although its advertised as a modern piece it is very reminiscent of a vintage vanity mirror

Love the tri fold

Looks vintage but is in perfect shape

Lisa M.

Perfect for my needs. Wanted a simple mirror large enough to do hair and make up at my vanity table. Very substantial. Great value.

They are totally underselling this

Most high quality mirror I have ever seen, This thing came packaged perfectly and is absolutely flawless and solid and sturdy as can be. This mirror screams luxury and I would buy it again if they sold it for three times as much. You rarely find anything on that just totally exceeds your expectations but this is probably the best purchase I have made in ten years. It is heavy as lead crystal and will not fall over and even has tiny inconspicuous black pads on the front to keep it from touching itself if you close it. The backing is high end velvet . the manufacturer was extremely attentive to detail and it came unscratched and is better than a mirror that I paid 10 times this amount for in my living room. Absolutely zero distortion, the image is crystal clear and with no warping so it gives an accurate reflection. The glass is very thick and the backing has not one flaw. Could not be more pleased. If you are on the fence with this one I highly recommend it. It now graces my old French Provencial desk of my grandmother's and has turned it into a gorgeous vanity. I got the idea from watching Parisian Farmgirl on YouTube and wanted to dupe the style of her vanity mirror. It worked!