Alienor Side Table/Accent Table/Nightstand

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  • Nuestra mesa auxiliar infunde un exquisito acento a sus muebles principales para crear ese ambiente moderno y acogedor en su hogar. Confeccionada con MDF ecológico duradero en un elegante acabado de alto brillo con pata y perilla de acrílico, esta elegante pieza de 3 cajones es ideal como mesa de extremo en su sala de estar o una mesita de noche en su dormitorio. Los tres amplios cajones de deslizamiento son perfectos para guardar y organizar libros, revistas, accesorios y otros elementos esenciales de la vida de forma segura fuera de la vista. Este artículo requiere montaje en el momento de la entrega.
    1. ELEGANT DESIGN - Esta exclusiva mesa lateral de lujo con patas de acrílico en punta de metal dorado y perillas cuadradas de acrílico infunde un acento exquisito a sus muebles principales para crear ese ambiente moderno y acogedor en su hogar y realza la decoración circundante
    2. ALMACENAMIENTO EXTRA - Los amplios tres cajones de deslizamiento liso proporcionan capacidad de almacenamiento adicional para guardar y organizar libros, revistas, accesorios y otros elementos esenciales de la vida
    3. DISPLAY - La superficie superior rectangular es perfecta para mostrar un encantador arreglo floral, lámpara o fotos familiares
    4. USO VERSATILE - La mesa de acento añadirá un toque de diseñador a cualquier espacio. Se puede utilizar como mesita de noche en el dormitorio, una mesa de fin en la sala de estar, una mesa de acento en la oficina, entrada, comedor o baño
    5. MEDIDAS – En general: 24"W x 18"D x 24"H, cajón de almacenamiento: 20"W x 12.6"D x 3.26"
    6. MATERIAL ECO-FRIENDLY - Hecho de MDF- madera
    7. INSTRUCCIONES DE MONTAJE FÁCIL - Montaje sin estrés y instrucciones fáciles de seguir
    1. DIMENSIONES: 24L x 18W x 24H
    2. FABRIC & MATERIALES: MDF, Acrílico
    3. ATRIBUTOS: 3 cajones, acabado de alto brillo, perillas y patas de acrílico/oro
    4. HABITACIONES DESEADAS: Dormitorio, Sala de estar
    5. ESTILO: Contemporáneo, Moderno, Transicional
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Customer Reviews

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Sergey Shchipskiy

Great, nice and modern table, like it


I purchased 2 nightstands at the same time. The first one got delivered fairly fast but I had to wait for almost a week for second one. I really like the look but not the quality. The drawers were loose and most of the screws needed to be tightened. The drawers rails are loose as well but there is no way to tighten them so I have to be careful opening and closing them. Some of the essential screws were missing so one side of front of one of the drawers werent properly attached to the rest of the drawer. My husband was able to fix it by taking screws from other places and attach the front. Again these nightstands are beautiful but with all the loose parts and missing screws Im not sure they will last long unfortunately.


This night is great quality, easy to put together (only the legs and hardware) and the hardware is very pretty!!


The two nightstands are lovely. No problem to assemble and well made.

Mindy H.

I love these BUT one came damaged to which did offer me a credit for, but still, new DAMAGED items. The second one, the bottom drawer is very difficult to shut to the point that now I have nothing in the drawer to avoid the problem. believes the damage occurred in the shipping.


Gorgeous and just what we needed for organization


Beautiful piece. The color is deep. Easy to assemble. Very well made


Really love the color. Its a shiny navy blue lacquer but because of this I guess its why it came with a lot of cracks near the drawers. Would have returned but hate having to do the whole process.


This is beautiful in my daughters room!!! Love it and great quality!


I give it a low star as drawers are kinda flimsy and they don't close/open as smoothly, kinda get jammed...handles also kinda rotate and are not as sturdy, screw issue. Also, they are very low even for the most modern look...drawers are not deep either.